Paramarine is an object orientated marine design and analysis system. It is used in the surface vessel and submarine defence sector, as well as high end commercial applications. The design is held in a hierarchical design "tree" structure of folders and functional objects that apply to specific types of data (i.e. geometry, stability, analysis data). This makes the content of the design tree logical thereby encouraging the design development.

Naval Design Limited are able to use this software to produce early stage design models upon which stability, powering and basic general arrangements can be deduced. We can offer to our clients a projected build cost and maximise the design for production.

Solid Modelling:

Trimaran Solid Model Paramarine uses Parasolids that allows geometry to be created, manipulated and transferred to and from other packages. Complex 3D solid shapes can be formed by various operations thus it is possible to produce complex hull forms, superstructure and subdivision rapidly for use in analysis.

A Pressure Hull In the case of submarines there is the additional ability to construct pressure hull(s), external freeflood areas and appendages in order to produce a representation of the real life system.The surface modeller enables the designer to develop a surfaced-based geometrical definition of their ship or submarine.

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