Trim and Incline:

HMS UrsulaNaval Design Ltd have a wide range of experience in the inclining many different vessels. The team has performed previous inclining experiemnts on the UK's submarine fleet. The picture shows HMS Ursula being inclined at Barrow in Furness. In addition we also have experience of inclining surface ships. The experiemnts allow us to be able to produce a stability statement or booklet as required based upon the findings of the Trim and Incline.

Devonport Dockyard We have connections in major shipyards around the country and thus are able to organise the support services required to undertake the inclining as well as processing the necessary data to produce accurate and clear results in accordance with IMO or Naval Standards.


Density ReaderIn support of the inclining experiment we will undertake the following services:

  • Complete Density Profile (electronic density readers and hydrometers)
  • A complete tank state will be measured
  • Provide all personel for the experiemnt
  • Co-ordinate and make necessary arrangements
  • Manage weight movements
  • Draught Mark Readings
  • Supply an inclinometer
  • Production of stability booklet
  • Present findings

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